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Community Radio - KEDU-FM 102.3
"Big Oldies Radio"

Our Broadcast Mission Statement

“It is our mission to serve and unite the Ruidoso Community
 through the local Airways”


Our Mission

 Welcome to KEDU, Lincoln County's Big Oldies Community radio station. We are currently undergoing management and programming changes that will accurately reflect our purpose in the community. We welcome your input and intend to carefully consider the desires and expectations of our listeners.

As KEDU moves into this new era, we want to express our gratitude for the listeners and supporters that have made it possible for us to be a continuing part of this community. Whether your participation is in active volunteerism, or financial donations, all of these are vital to keeping your community radio on the air. We appreciate every effort and are committed to stewarding your community station in such a way that it will not only continue to reach Lincoln County, but also expand to include surrounding counties.

One of our main goals is to be a true community based platform, that will meet the needs and interests of all Lincoln County. The updated format that is being put into place will provide that foundation. We are excited about the new programs and are eagerly anticipating the renewed unity and participation they will present.

KEDU's mission is not only to serve as a positive community platform for all of Lincoln County, but also to be "The Community Voice of Ruidoso", whether is is in times of need, disaster or celebration.

Kedu's mission to serve can only be accomplished through the Grace of God,  and the continued support of our community. We welcome your involvement in this endeavor.



Harv Twite
President - General Manager