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KEDU Radio - Ruidoso, New Mexico
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Featured Programs on KEDU Radio

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Ask the Doctor - Dr. Joseph Fraley

Break Point - The Chuck Colson Center

Chronicle of the Old West - Dakota Livesay M-F @ 7:25am (Time Approxamate)

ESGR Radio - New Mexico with Harv Twite & Mike Kakuska

Mornings with Hugh Hewitt - Hugh Hewitt

The Gun Owner's News Hour with Larry Pratt

Legacy Watch - Veteran's Hour with Vic Currier

Monday with the Mayor - Mayor Lynn Crawford

The KEDU Business Insider

Old Time Radio -  "Gunsmoke, The Shadow, Johnny Dollar, Suspense Theater, All Star Western Theater "

The Morning Show with "Harvey T."

The Spencer Spotlight with Kathleen McDonald

The World of Western Swing with Dave Alexander

Old Time Radio*

Church Sermons on Sunday

  7:00   - 8:00      Open

  8:00  -  9:00      Gateway Church of Christ (Re-broadcast of prior week's service)

12:00 - 12:30     The Lutheran Hour

 5:00pm - 6:00pm    Gaither Family Homecoming

 8:00pm - 9:00pm    Church Out of Church (Sermon) with Tim Gilliland (Prior week's service)


* Note:

  Kedu Radio is proud to bring you Old Time Radio Fans our nightly line-up of free old time radio programs. But please keep in mind, that KEDU has left the programs intact, as they were originally archived. These programs include old time radio commercials.

  Please keep in mind, that KEDU nor it's ownership, promote smoking or drinking in any manner. When you hear these retro radio commercials from the 1920's, 1930's, 1940's and 1950's, please keep in mind that these commercials were for companies and products that were old time radio sponsors.

 So please these details in mind, as you enjoy over fifty vintage classic radio programs on KEDU Radio.